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You do not have to be a British citizen to work in the UK. If you have the right skill-set that employers are looking for and meet the immigration requirements, you can land your dream job here.
UK Visa Jobs is a job search platform dedicated to people from all walks of life who need visa sponsorship/work permits to start their career in the UK.

We know that finding an employer who can sponsor a visa can be difficult and frustrating. We have been there before. So, now, we have created this platform to help you find your dream job more efficiently. No matter you are a university student, a recent graduate or an experienced professional, we believe you can always find something for you on UK Visa Jobs.

Why We Are Unique

Large number of jobs that suit everyone

We have more than 1000s of jobs to choose from and our job lists are suitable for people from different backgrounds. Whether you are applying for an internship* or graduate job or already have several years of industry experience, you can find a job that suits you.

Finding the right job made easy

Not everyone graduates with a first-class degree. We have labelled degree requirements for all roles, including those that accept students or graduates who do not have a 2:1 (or equivalent) or above degree, so that you can easily find the role that matches your background.

Roles that meet your salary expectation

Meeting the visa requirement does not guarantee you a good salary. You can always apply for a job that also meets your requirements. If you have a specific salary in mind, our salary reference helps you eliminate those that don't meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are not a recruitment agency. We do not recruit anyone on behalf of any company. We also do not accept any CVs or cover letters. We link our members directly to the visa sponsoring employers in the UK so that members can submit their applications to them. We also organise events and webinars to help you improve your employability.

Student & Graduate Jobs are suitable for current university students or recent graduates who do not have substantial work experience and are looking for internships or graduate/entry-level jobs.
Experienced Hire Jobs are suitable for people with several years of work experience. However, if you have work experience and want to apply for a graduate position to change your career or for any other reason, you can still do so. If you are a recent graduate and have work experience, you may also benefit from our Experienced Hire Jobs.

No matter you are from the UK or not, the first step of getting a job in the UK is applying for one. However, what approach to take for job hunting in the UK depends on your immigration status and current experience level. Please read our career guidance for more information.

No. Since the departure of the UK from the European Union, whether you are from an EU country or any other country around the world, you will be subject to the same immigration rules. In order to be able to work in the UK, your employer in the UK will need to provide you with sponsorship. You will then be able to apply for a work visa and start working in the UK.

In order to be able to provide sponsorship, an employer needs to have a sponsorship license. Once you have applied for a job and received a job offer, your employer will issue you a certificate of sponsorship (COS). You will then submit your Skilled Worker Visa application using your COS.

Yes. In most cases, we verify with employers to confirm whether they sponsor a visa/work permit. However, employment and immigration rules are subject to changes, and employers may change their sponsorship policy without any prior notice. If you find out any employer or position listed here does not provide sponsorship anymore, please let us know via our contact us page.

We endeavour to include as many employers and jobs as possible. However, some employers only sponsor work permits (skilled worker visas) for applicants applying for jobs at certain levels. If we have missed any employer that sponsors a work visa, please let us know via our contact us section. If you see any job that you like, you should submit your application as soon as possible.

Most likely no. Although some companies, like investment banks, can provide sponsorship for internship applicants from overseas, the majority of the employers do not provide sponsorship for internships. Our internship positions are mainly for students currently studying in the UK, as UK student visas allow students to undertake internships without sponsorship.

Yes. There are a growing number of companies that sponsor overseas graduates. However, each company has specific policies towards sponsoring overseas graduates. Those policies often can be found under the Careers section or FAQs section of that employer's website. Some of the positions listed on our website may only accept UK graduates. However, it should not prevent you from applying. Many employers will accept overseas graduates if they cannot fill their vacancies with UK graduates.

Yes. Experienced hire jobs look at your work experience rather than your academic background.

If you are applying for an internship and your student visa can cover the duration of your internship, you do not need to apply for the skilled worker visa. In all other circumstances, you will need a skilled worker visa or other permissions to work in the UK.

A Graduate Route Visa gives you certain flexibility to do internships, part-time jobs and full-time work for a maximum of two years. The Graduate Visa cannot be extended beyond two years. Hence, if you want to apply for full-time jobs in the UK and want to have a long term career, you will still need to apply for a skilled worker visa. Even if you have a Graduate Visa, some employers may still require you to apply for a skilled worker visa to be able to work for them. In this case, they may provide sponsorship to support your skilled worker visa application.

Many graduate-level jobs and internships require students to meet certain degree requirements to be eligible to apply for their roles. For example, many companies require a 2:1 degree, which means students graduated or are expected to graduate with a grade that qualifies as second upper class (2:1) at bachelors level. If you graduated from an overseas university, you will need to convert your grades to UK equivalent by certified organisations to know whether your grades qualify as 2:1. You can also refer to our generic guidance for more information.

Salary information is provided by Glassdoor and for reference purposes only. As companies usually do not disclose salary information and sometimes the final salary is down to negotiation, it is impossible to obtain accurate information. However, the information we provided still gives you an idea about the likely range of salary you will get. If you would like to know the actual salary for any role, please contact the employers directly.

Yes, of course! Some companies do not require a specific degree level. Some companies accept students with 2:2 degree results. Please use our filtering function to find jobs that accept your achieved grades. If you did not achieve 2:1 for your bachelor's degree, however, you had an extenuating circumstance that affected your scores, you can still apply for jobs that require 2:1 and explain your reasons for not achieving the required grade. They may require supporting documents to prove this at a later stage.

We review and update the jobs and lists frequently. You may want to check every day to see if there is a new job added. If you do not see changes, please bear with us.

There are plenty of resources on our resources page. Please read through them, and they may answer the questions that you have.

If you have searched for a visa sponsoring job in the UK, you know how difficult it is to find an employer who is willing to sponsor a skilled work visa. On UK Visa Jobs, we do all the hard work for you by putting all the visa sponsoring vacancies together. We speak to employers to confirm whether they sponsor work visas and research salaries and job requirements. In addition, we also hold weekly events to help you improve your employability. To do all these, we put a lot of recourses in place. Without subscriptions, we cannot do all these amazing things, allowing you to focus on your job applications.


By subscribing, you will:

  • be able to see all visa sponsoring vacancies.
  • be connected directly to the employers.
  • be invited to exclusive events and webinars.
  • be able to attend our workshops.
  • Any, many more!

We list roles suitable for university students, recent graduates and people with several years of experience.

Currently, jobs are available in many global organisations. You can visit Student & Graduate Jobs page or Experienced Hire Jobs page to see available industries and jobs levels. If you do not see the industry you want to work in on the Job Industry drop-down, you may not find the job you are looking for on our website.

Yes. You can cancel your subscription anytime from Manage Subscription tab on your account page.

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We are not a recruitment agency. We neither accept any CVs or employment requests nor answer any related queries. Please read this page fully before contacting us.

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